Knowing your weaknesses helps improve security while reducing your target profile. Remember, hackers are constantly targeting everything.

Penetration Testing employs blended threat scenarios to test the effectiveness of your security defenses, policies and staff.

An effective security strategy is critical but before you can create a sound program you need to understand your threats and vulnerabilities. Threats are dynamic, and security frameworks can be outdated a week after you implement. The only way to mitigate your cyber risk is to employ a robust vulnerability assessment, application assessment, and penetration-testing program.

Our experienced team is comprised of certified ethical hackers and offensive security experts. We use the latest methods the bad guys utilize to exploit weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your network.

Agile1 tailors our solutions to specifically meet the uniqueness of every engagement, whether it’s a simple single-application penetration or a full Red Team break-in engagement.

Penetration testing (pen tests), also include Vulnerability Assessments, are a critical component to a complete cybersecurity risk management program. Our ethical hackers will uncover your vulnerabilities before bad actors do with a customized a program that includes:

  • External and Internal breach assessments
  • White Box and Black Box tests
  • Wireless assessments
  • Web application and API (third party app) assessments
  • DevOps vulnerabilities
  • Social engineering
  • Red team assessment

You can’t protect what you don’t know about. Let’s discuss how our penetration testing can keep your business and digital assets secure.