Private Equity and Venture Capital investment in companies can often include acquiring invisible risks. Bad actors exploit pathways when you are most vulnerable.

Could the loss of confidential financial information during asset transactions lead to the breakdown of a deal? Are you worried a cyber breach at a portfolio company could lead to losses of investment and reputation?

Agile1 delivers a thorough assessment to help you assess and understand risk during due diligence. Our program includes:

  • Insight into security practices and procedures of the target company
  • Discover assets, domains and user accounts to prepare for research, integration or deletion into the new company
  • Classify sensitive data, access and user permissions across acquired and inherited data storage
  • Help create an audit strategy for inherited unstructured data
  • Migrate data to consolidated storage during integration
  • Eliminate the potential of service interruption to critical data
  • Ensure there are no signs of compromise, malware, or intrusion on any included networks or technology
  • Develop one integrated comprehensive security plan

Let’s discuss your investments and ensure you are not acquiring or investing in compromised digital assets.