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The Agile1 Managed Breach Detection Platform monitors and protects your entire digital infrastructure, cloud and data 24×7 with intelligence and analytics designed specifically for manufacturers.

Mid-size manufacturers generally have a modest IT staff tasked with managing a complex IT environment. This means its engineers must assume several roles and have little time for hunting down security alerts generated by numerous security products. CyberSecurity is critically important for manufacturers when you consider their environments are automated with components that can be easily compromised for ransom.

Most IT staff admit their toughest challenge is keeping up with threats to the security of their IT systems and data. Cyberattacks are growing in number, intensity, and sophistication. At the same time, the talent that manufacturers need to defend against such threats is becoming harder to find and retain. Forward-looking companies look to utilize more resilient security programs through effectively monitoring and quickly responding to cyber and digital threats.

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Most emergency and urgent care needs are avoidable, with some preventative treatment and monitoring.

Manufacturers are Extremely Vulnerable


False positives are challenging to identify with a small IT team.

Network gaps leave manufacturers vulnerable to attacks.


Strong communication and visibility are lacking when large security firms are used. 

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