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Online Retailers


The Agile1 Managed Breach Detection Platform monitors and protects your entire digital infrastructure, cloud and data 24×7 with intelligence and analytics designed specifically for online retailers

With the advent of robust digital marketing and analytics programs, retailers are collecting and storing more customer data faster than any other industry. Whether via online stores or point of sale terminals, PII and PCI flow fast and free. Retail organizations experience a high volume of target attacks because of the value of credit card and consumer data and because of this they are highly regulated by compliance frameworks such as PCI-DSS.

Bad actors have taken notice and are targeting these treasure troves of data. At the same time, consumers are pushing back. As breaches of high-profile e-commerce and retail data make the news, consumers are demanding accountability and threatening to take their dollars to more secure retailers.


Now more than ever, retailers must get serious about protecting their customers’ data.

That’s why Agile1 has developed cybersecurity technology that uses machine learning to identify patterns, find correlations in common data breaches, and recognize and stop novel attacks. It can identify emerging threats with real-time, integrated intelligence, whether on-premises, in the cloud, or hybrid. And with our SOCaaS program, we’ll respond quickly and conduct thorough investigations to harden defenses.

While many retail organization turn to traditional Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platforms to detect cybersecurity threats, the usefulness of these systems is limited because most organizations have limited resources to engineer the product to work effectively. Not only that but the solutions ends after IT is notified of a potential security event. The team is often left uncertain of the threat’s severity and the appropriate next steps.


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Online Retailers are Extremely Vulnerable


Digital databases and records while efficient, also increase the risk of cyberthreats.

Online transactions increase the likelihood of PCI, PII, and credit card information being compromised.


IT teams are being stretched thin as retailers increase their online presence. 

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