24/7 Managed Breach Detection Protects Private Patient Data, Devices and Patient Services


Agile1 is a Machine Learning + User Behavior Analytics based SOC-as-a-Service that prevents malicious attacks on Healthcare organizations and defends against advanced threats.

Hospitals, clinics, physician offices, medical device manufacturers and healthcare technology providers have become treasure troves of the most private and critical patient PHI data. Ransomware attacks on hospitals are on the rise. These impact hospital operations and services, which can carry costs from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars.

Since the continuity and stability of their technology can often be a life-and-death matter, cybersecurity is absolutely essential for these organizations. That’s why Agile1 has developed a Managed Breach Detection technology that uses machine learning and user behavior analytics to identify patterns, find correlations in common data breaches, and recognize attacks.

Identifying and classifying every device - medical or otherwise - is fundamental. Knowing what medical devices are in your environment, in use, and where they are is critical - whether in a single hospital, in a lab, on a campus, at remote clinics,or in support facilities. Secure medical devices, protect patients, and PHI. The Internet of Things (IoT Devices) includes devices like infusion pumps, MRI machines, x-ray machines, heart monitors, and more.

Our unique technology can swiftly detect and deflect attempts to access PHI, HIPAA data or network infrastructure, whether on-premises, in the cloud, or hybrid. It can identify emerging threats with real-time, integrated intelligence. And with our SOC-as-a-Service program, we’ll respond quickly and conduct thorough investigations to harden defenses.

Agile1 SOC-as-a-Service is an advanced threat detection and response platform, built on powerful Machine Learning, that alerts our team about critical cyber threats in real-time and provides automated and actionable response capabilities. Our platform analyzes millions of log events down to anything malicious that requires immediate action. Other IT security solutions generate scores of false positives, and all of those demand human intervention to prioritize and define needed actions.

Agile1 is a completely outsourced SOC model, meaning our team is monitoring, analyzing and protecting you 24X7 so we don’t disrupt your normal course of business.

Agile1 makes your organization stronger and helps you meet security and compliance mandates painlessly. Adopt a more effective approach to Healthcare cybersecurity, contact us to schedule a brief demo.


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