With more than 18 years of cyber security experience Agile1 is very well-positioned to protect your critical network infrastructure and confidential data. Founded by Joe Marquette and Tony Pietrocola, Agile1 is a premier 24X7 Managed CyberSOC (as-a-Service) keeping our customers fully monitored and protected from malicious actors.

Spun out of Accellis Technology Group (a national MSP), Agile1’s adaptive security framework helps our customers mitigate cyber risk, keep customer data secure and Intellectual Property safe. The Majority of companies rely on basic network monitoring to keep them safe – it’s not enough. Agile1’s advanced CyberSOC protects you from the next generation of cyber risk. Bad actors are exploiting more than just cloud and network infrastructures, they are coming after SaaS applications, mobile, IoT, API’s, AI powered phishing and malware, open source attacks, third-party risk, and trust vulnerabilities. We will mitigate your risk, period.

Our team is experienced in practical applications and hold certifications which include: CISSP, CISM, IAM, GIAC, and SANS. Everything we do complies with cybersecurity regulations including NIST, NERC CIP, FFIEC, FISMA, and other security policies and best practices. Our solutions are built on proactive prevention, rather than detecting and reacting once a compromise has been discovered. Agile1 also advises company executives and their boards on cyber threats and cyber risk management.

Contact us and let’s talk about how we can mitigate your cyber risk.