Meet Agile1 and the team developing the most advanced autonomous SOC-as-a-Service

Agile1 is a software company with an innovative SOC-as-a-Service for 24X7 network monitoring, cloud security, data privacy and compliance.

We were founded to disrupt SOC and SOC-as-a-Service technology with innovative machine learning and autonomous execution. Our mission is to eliminate manually-driven SOC platforms that are reliant on outdated technology, hardware appliances and human analysts who cannot move as fast as our autonomous technology and algorithms.

With decades of cybersecurity and engineering experience the team at Agile1 developed a modern SOC-as-a-Service platform that protects your critical network infrastructure, cloud and confidential data. Founded by Joe Marquette and Tony Pietrocola, Agile1 is a premier 24X7 Autonomous CyberSOC. Agile1 Leadership also advises company executives and their boards on cyber threats, cyber strategy and cyber risk management.


Agile1 replaces SOCs with human analysts with a refreshing autonomous technology allowing us to find potential malicious intent much faster.


The Agile1 SOC has the most advanced cloud architecture built on the Elastic ELK Stack on AWS, allowing immense multi-tenant scalability while shortening the time needed for data collection from hours to minutes. Our agent-based and API-based approach to data collection means easy integration with customer’s infrastructure that can be done in a matter of hours not weeks.

Executive Team

Joseph Marquette

Joe is the CEO and Co-founder of Agile1 and the CEO and founder of the Accellis Technology Group. Joe has spent the past 20 years as a successful Technology Consultant and Cyber Security Specialist for Legal and Financial Businesses 


Tony Pietrocola

Tony Pietrocola is President of Agile1 and is responsible for managing the Agile1 autonomous CyberSOC which protects critical network infrastructures and data from cyber threats. Tony got his start as an Apple Systems Engineer from 1997-2000. For the next 19 years, he has built and grown technology companies in the SaaS, Fintech and CyberSecurity spaces.

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With more than 18 years of cybersecurity experience, Agile1 is well positioned to protect your critical network infrastructure and confidential data. Contact us and let's talk about how we can mitigate your cyber risk.