The majority of companies rely on basic defensive Cybersecurity to keep them safe and it's not enough. Agile1's CyberSOC protects you from the next generation of aggressive cyber threats. Bad actors are exploiting more than just cloud and network infrastructures, they are coming after SaaS applications, mobile apps, API's, AI powered malware and open source.

Our Managed CyberSOC is built on advanced Machine Learning to keep you protected.


Detect, investigate, predict and respond to threats 24X7X365. Because bad actors don't stop.

Penetration Testing / Vulnerability Assessment

Our technology provides continual vulnerability scanning to identify weaknesses while improving security to reduce your attack profile.

Application Security and Code Review

Prevent cybercriminals from exploiting application vulnerabilities in the cloud or on-prem.

API Security

Safeguard vulnerable APIs and mobile applications. Instantly discover the security vulnerabilities of your vendors and business partners. Agile1's vendor management program ensures all your vendor-supplied applications and API's are up to your internal security standards and identify what hackers know about your external domains.

Briefings for Executive Teams and Boards

Our cybersecurity executive briefings are designed for corporate executives and boards to understand their current vulnerabilities, critical security risks and a mitigation plan.

Private Equity / Venture Capital Cyber Advisory

Private Equity and Venture Capital investment in companies can often include acquiring invisible risks. Bad actors exploit pathways when you are most vulnerable.

Blockchain Consulting and Advisory

Blockchain can be confusing. Rely on our experts to discuss your blockchain project and create a strategic assessment which includes development and security advisory.

Red Team Services / Ethical Hacking

Our team of certified ethical hackers and "Red Team" conduct precision attacks against a target in order to test the effectiveness and responsiveness of your current security strategy.

Virtual CISO (vCISO)

We can compliment your internal IT team with a certified CISO adding a top-tier security expert for your security expertise and guidance.

Cyber Attacks Are Impacting Company Expenses, Profits and Reputation

  • 3%
    Companies with a proactive managed security program
  • 33%
    Growth of cyber crime incidents per year
  • $2.4M
    Average cost to a company for a malware attack
  • $18.3M
    Average exposure for financial service firms (highest) in a cyber event
  • 70%
    Companies who feel cyber risks are growing annually
  • 4,000
    SEC reports # of public company incidents in 2018
  • $3
    The small cost to acquire Social Security information, date of birth or residential address
  • Platforms
    Gaming and social media platforms now the supply chain of cyber crime
  • $1.5T
    Total 2018 cyber crime PROFITS...yes Trillion
  • 38%
    Microsoft Office makes up the most prevalent group of malicious file extension attacks
  • 43%
    The most expensive component of a cyber attack is information loss
  • 61%
    Companies who reported a data breach caused by their vendors tech
  • 73%
    Bank CEOs rank cyber crime as biggest risk in 2019
  • By 2022
    API abuses will be the most-frequent attack vector resulting in data breaches for enterprise web applications


The Agile1 CyberSOC is built on dynamic machine learning which means proactive prevention, rather than reacting once a compromise has been discovered. We provide Managed CyberSOC Services for great companies in the following industries:

Financial Services

Our work includes strategic cyber advisory for banks, fintech’s, mortgage banks (IMB's), REIT’s and wealth managers.


Providing cyber security for the next generation of financial banking, lending and wealth management applications and advisory services.

Law Firms

Our roots are based in providing managed IT and security for law firms. We thoroughly understand law firms and how to keep your confidential customer data secure .


Manufacturers of all sizes have troves of intellectual property bad actors and nation states are looking to steal. We make sure that doesn't happen by protecting the life-blood of your company.

Private Equity | Venture Capital Investing

M&A and investing in companies can often include acquiring invisible risks. Bad actors are good at exploiting new pathways when you are most vulnerable. We make sure you acquire the good and not the bad.

Retail / eCommerce

We provide online security for the next generation of retail and ecommerce and the billions of dollars in transactions, PII and PCI that flow freely. Online stores need to be secure or lose trust with customers instantly.


Technology companies and innovators have more intellectual property and in many cases more customer data than just about anyone. Tech firms need a trusted partner to keep them clean, audited and safe from cyber exploits.


Organizations dedicated to healthcare including device manufacturers, technology providers, hospitals and biotechs are responsible for our most personal and life critical information. There is nothing that needs higher security then health peace of mind.


The Cannabis industry is scaling quickly and producers, growers, wholesalers, dispensaries, insurers, labs and the entire supply chain needs innovative solutions to keep their reputation, IP and data of their highly regulated business secure. We are experts in cybersecurity for the Cannabis industry.